Respiratory System Of The Pigeon

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Respiratory System Of The Pigeon

Respiratory Problems In Pigeons and nasal mucus

Respiratory Problems In Pigeons and nasal mucus

Respiratory Problems In Pigeons

Respiratory Problems In Pigeons and nasal mucus

Respiratory Problems In Pigeons and nasal mucus – Roughly We Can Divide The Respiratory Tract Of The Pigeon In:

Upper Respiratory Tract (nostrils, Nasal Conchae);

Responsible For Filtering, Heating And Humidifying The Air,

That Means, a Protection Mechanism Of The Breathing Injuries, Lung And Air Sac Contamination.

The Nasal Cavities Are Internally Coated By a Sensitive And Glandular Ciliated Epithelium, Easily “destroyed”.

The Mucosa.

Which Produces Mucus, a Visco-elastic Substance Protection Of Surfaces, Produced When There Is Presence Of Microorganisms.

Foreign Substances Or Molecules And Adverse Conditions.Respiratory Problems In Pigeons and nasal mucus.

The Accumulation Of Nasal Mucus Prevents The Upper Airways Perform Their Protective Functions, Jeopardizing The Health And The Proper Functioning Of The Lower Airways.

All Factors That Can Induce The Production And Accumulation Of Nasal Mucous

Should Be Avoided, Such as Dust, Especially Of Pigeons Transport Boxes, Sometimes Containing Mold Produced In The Old Stool as Well as Wood Chips Which Are Irritating To Mucous Membranes.

It Is The Worst, The Carbon Monoxide, Which Binds To The Hemoglobin Of The Blood Preventing The Transport Of Oxygen In The Organism.

It Also Checks Irritation And Obstruction And Consequent Inflammation Of The Glottis And Choanal Slit By The Presence Of Mucus And Trichomonas. Decreasing The Ventilation, Causing Lack Of Oxygenation Of The Body.

Respiratory Problems In Pigeons (2)

– Lower Respiratory Tract (air Sac, Lungs And Pneumatic Bones).

The Ventilation Of The Pigeon (expiration And Inspiration), Takes Place Because Of The Movement Of The Intercostal Muscles, Raising And Lowering The External (about 28 Strokes Per Minute Under Normal Conditions), Causing Pressure Changes In The Air Sacs And The Consequent Entry And Exit Of Air.

Under a Stress Situation (excitation Or Heat, For Example.) The Respiration Rate May Increase By About Six Times, Which Translates Into a Huge Waste Of Energy And Exhaustion Of The “respiratory Muscles” And Higher Dehydration.

Since The Exhaled Air Is Pre-saturated With Water When Inspired.

Why Is There a Need To Use Oxygen Plus?

The Pigeons Transport To The Races, Is a Concentration Of Thousands Of Living Beings Carriers Of Pathogenic Microorganisms, Confined In a Small Space, With Lacking Of Efficient Fan And Hygiene.

Temperatures And Humidity Levels Rise Up To a Perfect Environment For Microbial Development.

Each Pigeon Returned From a Race Is a Potential Carrier And Contaminat, Which Should Be Faced Up To a Quick And Effective Intervention.

Pigeons, Just Like Humans, Are More And More Exposed To Air Pollution In Their Different Variants (dust, Toxic Gases And Microbial), Becoming More Harmful as Higher Is The Breathing Rhythm And Smaller The Filtering Ability.

The Accumulation Of Harmfull Elements In The Nasal Cavitys Causes Its Contamination.

The Lofts, Even When Well Ventilated And The Pigeon Fancier Is Very Careful, Are Always Places With Dust And Contaminations.

In a Breathing Problem, With Usage Of Antibiotics.

The Quantity And Concentration Of Antibiotic Which Arrives In The Lungs, Are Usually Enough To Kill The Bacteria, Due To The Strong Blood Circulation.

The Same Is Not Applied To The Area Of The Nostrils, Where We Can Find a Lot Of Mucus Accumulation Which Are Not Treated With The Antibiotic Actions Remaining The Pigeon With a Highly Infecting Microbial Burden.

The Disinfection Of The Nostrils With Oxygen Plus Allows “sterilizing” The Nostrils And The Nasal Mucus.

Preventing Internal Recontamination And Eliminating The Infecting Ability Of The Expelled Mucus, And Clearing The Nasal Cavitys.

The Problems Of Re-contamination With The Mucus Expelled To The Environment Must Be Avoid, Because This Mucus Have Still Infecting Microbial Burden For a Long Time

The Respiratory Problems In Pigeons

Must Be Carefully Cared By The Pigeon Fancier, Because This Is From Extreme Significance In High Competition Pigeon Racing.

It’s Through Breathing That Pigeons Got The Amount Of Oxygen Needed For Combustion Of Elements On The Body To Produce The So Needed Energy, So That Pigeon Can Perform The “fast Flight”

When There Is Lack Of Oxygen, The Combustion Of Elements Is Incomplete.

Therefore, Less Energy Production And Incomplete Elements Consumed That Originates “toxic Metabolites”, Like The Lactic Acid.

Responsible For The Muscle Fatigue And The Acid Intoxication Of The Organism.

Respiratory Problems In Pigeons

What Is And What Is It For Oxygen Plus?

Oxygen Plus It’s a Nasal Cavity Disinfectant Product, With Clearance And Vasoconstrictor Action, Acts Internally And Prevents The Spread Of Disease, And Eliminates Bacteria, Fungi, Virus And Trichomonas.

How To Aplly Oxygen Plus?

Oxygen Plus Is Applied One Drop In Each Nostril, And One Or Two Drops On The Beak To Eliminate Trichomonas.

In Case Of Strong Obstruction Of The Nostrils, Use One Drop In Each Nostril, Let It Rest For 3 Or 4 Minutes.

Open The Beak Of The Pigeons And Press The Nostrils, Making The Mucus Coming Out From Choanal Slit.

Catch Out The Mucus With The Help Of a Cotton Swab With Hexa Plus.

Use Again One Drop Of Oxygen Plus In Each Nostril And Free The Pigeon To Let It Sneeze At Will.

Repeat This Operation After Two Days.

When And In Wich Situations To Aplly Oxygen Plus

Oxygen Plus Is Applied Everytime You Want To Clear, Disinfect, Prevent The Contamination Of The Pigeon, Or The Environment Through a Sick Pigeon.

Actually Oxygen Plus Is Applied In The Following Seasons / Situations:

– Eve Of The Basketing;

– Arrival From The Race;

– Pigeons That Arrive Days Later;

– New Pigeons In The Loft;

– Young Birds At Separation From Parents

– Treatment Of Breathing Problems With Antibiotics (aplly On The First And Last Day Of The Treatment)

– Pigeons Showing Obstruction Of The Nostrils


Oxygen Plus Acts By Contact And It’s Not Absorved. In Case Of Disease Must Be Used as a Supporter And Not as Replacer Of The Specific Antibiotic (doximicina Plus, Respiral Vet).

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